Business Leadership

As the top executive at LinkedIn, Jeff Weiner manages more than 14,000 employees. In this wide-ranging conversation with CNBC contributor Adam Bryant, Weiner reveals how he recruits, manages and motivates his staff. 

An interview with billionaire ex-CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz. In this interview, Howard discusses managing Starbucks and leading the company. Howard also talks about his early life in the projects and his motivation.

Marillyn A. Hewson, Chairman, President and CEO, Lockheed Martin Corporation, speaks with Economic Club president David M. Rubenstein on Wednesday March 7, 2018. 

Rules for Success

Bill Gates, Richard Branson and Tony Robbins use these daily habits to maintain their success. 

Insights From Leaders for Leaders

According to Hamza Khan, managing millennials and knowledge workers the way we used to manage traditional factory workers can be disastrous. Speaking through his own experience of being managed and alternatively as a manager, Hamza makes the case that millennials must be lead, instead of managed and given autonomy to complete their tasks, so that they may grow and reach their full potential. 

Gary Vaynerchuk talks about the power of social media marketing in 2019, why most big brands are going to fail in the next 10-20 years and how you can use social media to build a huge brand online 

African-American consumers spend $1.1 trillion a year. And as a consumer group, if it were a nation, would rank as the 16th wealthiest in the world. As consumers you can check the box. As producer, author and speaker Dr. George C. Fraser explains it’s time to unlock the economic and entrepreneurial power of black America. We discuss on “Newsmakers.” 

The American Dream New York

Channel 1

Howard Schultz... Alan Greenspan... Mickey Drexler... Russell Simmons... Ursula Burns... There was something happening in New York City in the first half of the 20th Century: the 1% were being formed in the primordial soup of the city's roughest neighborhoods. CNNMoney's Cristina Alesci talks to some of the city's most successful offspring to find out how it shaped their drive for success.

Negotiating Secrets

Channel 2

Christopher Voss created his company Black Swan based on the skills learned as a negotiator in hostage situations. 

Meet Katrina Lake, CEO of Stitch Fix

Channel 3

Stitch Fix founder and CEO Katrina Lake discusses online shopping, the competition from Amazon, the influence of artificial intelligence and whether she'll ever sell the business. Lake speaks with Bloomberg's Emily Chang on "Bloomberg's Studio 1.0." 

The Pincho Factory Story

Channel 4

At "The Pincho Factory" the menu features burgers and pinchos, which are grilled kebabs of chicken, steak or shrimp served in a wrap, rice bowl or salad. The menu has expanded since the early days but is still largely focused on burgers, pinchos, chicken sandwiches and hot dogs. Here's how three cousins came up with a culinary hit.

5 Best CRM for Small Business

Channel 5

What is the best CRM for small business owners? Well to answer that question, let's think about what a small business owner needs in a CRM. They need a solution that's going to be extremely easy to use. They need something that's gonna give them visibility in their sales process. it's gonna help them stay organized and they also need something that integrates with the other technology that they use 

What Is Big Data?

Channel 6

In this video, we’ll be discussing big data – more specifically, what big data is, the exponential rate of growth of data, how we can utilize the vast quantities of data being generated as well as the  implications of linked data on big data. 

High Performance Leadership

Channel 7

Documentary Film 'LEADERSHIP' is presented by the world's foremost authorities in the leadership development. The film is a compilation of leadership insights from management gurus, authors, speakers and experts in the field of leading an inspiring people. Enjoy and share the movie- HIGH PERFORMANCE LEADERSHIP For educational and public viewing