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Brilliant 26-year-old Nigerian, Silas Adekunle has become one of the world's highest paid robotics engineers.  Adekunle achieved the feat after signing a deal with technology and innovation giant, Apple. Credited for building the world’s first gaming robot, he released MekaMon in 2017. The bot can be customized to perform personalized functions. The initial launch of MakeMon sold 500 bots, generating $7.5 million.  Apple priced the four-legged “battle-bots” at $300.  Adekunle lives in the U. K.

After seventh grader Gitanjali Rao heard about the Flint water crisis, she wanted to do something to help, After much research, she created "Tethys" -- a device that can detect lead in drinking water.  In 2018, she was named "America's top young scientist" for her design.

On The Cutting Edge

A new 11 Inch iPad Pro has been announced at the Apple Event on October 2018.  The new 11 Inch iPad Pro is an upgrade to the 10.5 Inch iPad Pro. It eliminates the Touch ID, and replaces it with Face ID.  Apple unveiled the new Pad Pro for 2018 at an event in Brooklyn. The new smaller from factor and more powerful A12X Bionic chip make this the most capable Apple tablet ever.  

5 NEW Inventions 2019 | That Will Blow Your Mind. 

LG OLED Display Concept Video! Future OLED Displays. Experience the whole new future created by OLED and see how OLED will bring significant change to our life. LG believes that OLED will fundamentally change the future of our home and portable devices. See some of the concepts that OLED Technology will enable in the next few years. 

From the Mind of Tech Titans

Recode's Kara Swisher interviews Snap CEO Evan Spiegel from the 2018 Code Conference. The two talk about the controversial Snapchat redesign, how Spiegel feels about Facebook copying Snapchat's features, Russia, diversity in tech and much more.  

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, speaks at MIT's Commencement on Friday, June 8, 2018.  The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is an independent, coeducational, privately endowed university in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Our mission is to advance knowledge; to educate students in science, engineering, and technology; and to tackle the most pressing problems facing the world today. 

An interview with billionaire venture capitalist and co-founder of Valar Ventures, Peter Thiel. In this interview, Peter discusses whether he relies on Mathematics or instinct when investing and the current state of politics. Peter also talks about why Europe has not created big tech companies and the progression of society.

1LoveNation Tech TV

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Representing the battery breakthrough that is ready to commercialize and promises much more battery capacity for our smartphones and electric vehicles and extremely fast charging. So, the price of electric vehicles will be very close and even lower than conventional gasoline-powered vehicles very soon to provide a clean and quiet future. 

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San Francisco's "Salesforce Tower" is the first in a new generation of skyscrapers reshaping the city's skyline.  Images courtesy of Google, Steelblue, Transbay Joint Powers Authority, Salesforce, Boston Properties, Inc, Dary Hsu, Brianna Benness, Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects, Vittoria Zupicich, Noah Berger, DBOX and Foster + Partners.  

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New York City's latest super-skinny residential tower - 53 West 53rd Street, or "53W53" - has been more than a decade in the making. 

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With SpaceX announcing the BFR's first official mission to the moon, the possibility of Earth to Earth travel seems a little bit closer. In this video, we look at what needs to be done before Earth to Earth rocket travel can replace the traditional airliners that we use today. We also compare the dawn of passenger rocket travel to the early days of airplanes. 

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In this three-part BBC Horizon documentary physicist and science communicator Jim Al-Khalili takes the viewer on a journey exploring the most important historical developments in electricity and magnetism. This documentary discusses how the physics (and the people behind the physics) changed the world forever. 

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How the headquarters of the world's largest social network went from a Harvard dorm room to the vast site it occupies today. Images courtesy of Facebook, Level 10 Construction, Gehry Partners, Statista, The Harvard Crimson, Cool Caesar, Michael Pechuk, Noah Berger, Jitze Couperus, Fred Mills, Google Earth, CMG Landscape Architecture, MG McRath, City of Menlo Park, OMA and IMF/Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers Internet Trends Report 2018.